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Spoken by more than 300 million people Hindi is one of the official languages of India. Certain Hindi words are even used in every day English, such as "jungle" or "veranda". After a rigorous casting process Foreign Voiceover.co.uk has selected the best female and male Hindi voice-overs in India. Choose now from our selection of top quality voices. Delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

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I'm an animal documentary filmmaker and I regularly need to find foreign voice-overs for exported versions of my films. Recently I had to find an Indian Hindi voice-over and thanks to Foreign Voiceover.co.uk I found the ideal voice for my documentary really quickly. A big thank you!
Roger G.


In urgent need of an Indian voiceover? Foreign Voiceover.co.uk has selected the best Hindi voice overs, just for you! Through our website, we can help you find and reserve your voice overs. And if you don’t have time to search for your voiceover yourself, we can manage your casting on your behalf. Our specialists can also take care of your postproduction needs, saving you as much time as possible.

How about listening to our wide selection of Hindi voice overs? Our site provides you with videos and samples of our voice actors, so you can form a clear idea of the voice you’re looking for. Our efficient and unique approach will allow you to make the best choice for your project.

With us, you’ll find the best voiceovers from around the world; French, English, Spanish, Russian, Italian and more! We’re therefore able to guide you, step by step, in finding the language necessary for your project. We’ve already listed a wide range of the best voices for each language, but you can also find that rare gem by using our in-house search tool.


What defines us? It’s our unparalleled approach to the world of voiceover casting! Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we don’t ask for payment upfront. You only pay once you’ve received, and are completely satisfied with, the final product. You’re more than welcome to request a voice test, to gain a more precise idea of the possible results before beginning the recording process.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, should you not be able to find the perfect voice or if you have any questions. Our team are very responsive and will more than happy to find solutions to your questions. Here at Foreign Voiceover.co.uk, we do all we can to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. We receive voice over requests daily, for languages from across the world and we make a habit of paying particular care to each request.


From New Delhi to Mumbai, from Calcutta to Bangalore, our teams have carefully selected the best voice overs, both male and female. Our voice actors have worked for some of the most iconic brands; Air India, Nissan, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and many more. Here at Foreign Voiceover.co.uk we’ve risen to the challenge of providing you with the best voice overs from across India.

Our Hindi voice overs can be heard in various types of production, including trailers, corporate films, e-learning packages, television and radio advertisements and answering machines, as well as in animated films and audiobooks.


Hindi is considered one of the main languages in India and is one of the two languages used by the federal government, alongside English. Officially, Hindi should serve as the lingua franca in the country, but in practice, this is not always the case. In 2001, approximately 40% of the Indian population reporting speaking Hindi, or a variant of it, as their mother tongue. Hindi is said to be spoken as a second language by 20% to 25% of the Indian population, and its importance continues to evolve as it’s taught in all schools across the country.

Before the separation of 1947, during the decolonisation between India and Pakistan, the official languages of India and Pakistan, Hindi and Urdu respectively, constituted a single language called Hindustani.

These two languages both originate from Sanskrit, which makes them mutually intelligible in spoken form, as they both share a large part of their vocabularies. However, the Sanskritisation of Hindi and the influence of Persian on Urdu since the separation of 1947 in the respective schools and universities of the two countries no longer allow for such a great understanding between the speakers of the two languages.

According to the 2017 census, Hindi has approximately 250 million speakers. They are primarily found across India, but also throughout the entire Indian diaspora around the world.


‘Voix off hindi’ in French, or ‘hindi Stimme’ in German, whatever language you speak, we’re sure you’ll find the best Hindi voiceover actors here at Foreign Voiceover.co.uk.

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