Boris D. Bulgarian - BG Voice-Over

Boris D.

  • Gender : Male
  • Voice Age : 25-35 years
  • Timbre : Medium
  • Language : Bulgarian
  • Localisation : Birmingham



Quote Bulgarian voice-overs

« An actor with a persuasive and precise voice. »

Some voices are just meant to be heard and listened to. That's the case when it comes to Boris. With more than ten years' experience behind him, he is one of the most listened to Bulgarian voice-over actors of his generation. As an official voice of numerous Bulgarian and international brands, Bulgarians are used to hearing him on the radio, in television documentaries, or even at train stations. His experience and talent allows him to adapt to any project. When choosing Boris you have the certitude of getting a top quality product.

Don't hesitate and select the voice of an experienced professional like Boris D. to give a real added-value to your message.

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Client testimonial

Emotion and energy, Boris knew exactly what quantities of each he needed to bring to the Bulgarian TV commercial. In a few takes, he knew how to be efficient and productive. I strongly recommend him.
William Drake

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