Marisol C. Spanish - MX Voice-Over

Marisol C.

  • Gender : Female
  • Voice Age : 30-40 years
  • Timbre : Medium
  • Language : Mexican Spanish
  • Localisation : Cardiff



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« An assertive and precise voice »

An artist first and foremost, Marisol is best known for her voice that Mexicans have heard on the radio or on television. Her acting parents quickly put her foot in the stirrup and she started dubbing cartoons as a child. She is the female voice-over of major brands in Mexico and has been able, during her 25 years of career to put her voice to a wide variety of productions: e-learning, documentaries, audio books, smartphone applications... With her very wide vocal palette and her many registers of interpretation, this is the Mexican voice-over for you!

Don't hesitate and select the voice of an experienced professional like Marisol C. to give a real added-value to your message.

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Client testimonial

If you need a female Mexican voice-over, I really recommend Marisol. Always listening to us, she knew how to adapt to our requirements while delivering a high quality product. We didn't even need to do post production.
Nathalie Farmer

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